Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beach Day

Aric and I went to the beach today. It was alot of fun. I am sooo tired though. I don't know what it is about being at the beach and doing NOTHING all day and then coming home and feeling like I have worked hard all day. I am sooo sleepy right now. In fact, I think I might head to bed after this. I know that Aric is tired also. He had so much fun playing today. There were HUGE seashells everywhere so of course I was happy!

Yesterday we went to my mom's to help her move some stuff. We took Brodie with us! He drives me crazy in the truck! He acts sooooo hyper! He can't decide who he wants to be with, me or Josh. So it is a constant back and forth between the two of us! And heaven forbid we stop at a red light. He has to bark at the vehicle next to us. It drives me CRAZY!! He refuses to ride in the back with Aric and of course that makes Aric mad. Brodie finally decided that he was going to drive!

Well I am off to bed. I bought 2 new magazines yesterday that I am dying to read. One is called Flea Market Style and the other one is a special publication dedicated to art studios. So goodnight everyone!

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LG said...

My doggles are great drivers too! I will soon get a net that forces them to stay in the back seat!
Cant wait to hear about that Flea Market Magazine