Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Job!

Well, I have a new job! I am so excited! I am still at the same school but I am now teaching behavior children! And I get paid more! I am thrilled! I love my students. They are amazing kids who just need some extra love and care.

I am so hoping that I can start posting more on my blog. I feel like I am so far behind. Maybe I can start posting a few afternoons a week. Josh will be going back on night shift next week so that gives me more time in the evenings.

I hope that everyone had a great Halloween. We did not get to go trick or treating this year. Aric was home from school on Friday with what we thought was just a stomach virus. I took him to the doctor on Sat. and he has a severe case of strep throat AND a stomach virus! Poor little guy has not eaten since Thursday and has slept pretty much for 2 days! He seems to be feeling a little better this afternoon. He was up playing XBOX 360 with Daddy!

Not much else has been going on the past few weeks. Other than setting up my classroom and a few birthday parties we have been kinda boring lately. I do not even have very many pictures to share! Shock!!

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! We are having Thanksgiving at my house again this year! I am excited! I am already feeling the urge to clean! Gotta love that feeling!

The picture of the sunrise was taken the morning I found out about my new job! The sun was so beautiful rising over our school!

And the green glass is one of 4 that I bought at the thrift store! Isn't it beautiful???